housebroken dog relieving himself inside the house

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Sam is one and a half year old nuetered male. We've had him for over a month. He's crate trained and for the most part house broken. We got him on resuce, and the previous owner said he was housebroken. For the most part it seems like he is.
About once a week though we have an issue with him releiving himself inside the house, sometimes infront of us. This is both poo and pee, so I don't think he's marking territory.

He shows no sign of wanting to go out. He either escapes from our view ( it can be as quick as a few seconds) or in last night's case he went on the rug right in front of my wife.

Most of the time, this is not an issue. He seems to know that outside is where he suppossed to relieve himself ( he goes in the same spot outside) and we always give him lots of praise ( and he seems to respond to that).

But this is happenning often enough, where I suspect this is a behavior issue. He does not relieve himself in the crate. 

Any advice on about this will be greatly appreciated.


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It could be a urinary tract infection causing him to have to go so quickly.  Might want to consider that and have a vet look at him.

Welcome to the group, by the way.

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has this been going on the entire time you've had him?  first I'd get a vet to check him, then I'd take a closer look at what's going on when it happens.  Something like, does he only do it at a certain time of day?  does it happen when you are all in seperate rooms?  in the same room but not paying attention to him?  only when you put the kids to bed or they are out (if you have kids or maybe just when you or your spouse is out), those type of things.  What is the common thing going on around the house when he does it?   Maybe it's just his way of getting your attention...Maybe it's fear, like when you start the microwave (the noise) or when someone in the house yells....those kinds of things. 


Does he get regular walks and is he kept on a schedule? 

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When we got our dobie as a pup she was kept in the dining room area and only allowed in the rest of the house under supervision (and not upstairs at all).  As a result, she was crate-trained on a hardwood floor.  

Well...weren't we surprised when we eventually gave her full access to the house that she went upstairs and peed on the carpet.  Turns out, she was hardwood floors.  :P  It took many more accidents before we were able to have her really housebroken.  Another problem, she took to pooping downstairs in the hallway that connected to the garage (another place she didn't have access to before).  The downstairs walkway is tiled and for some reason she decided that would be an appropriate place to poop.  That was harder to train out of her since we were often unaware she was there and so she didn't get told off as often.  

So have you noticed that with yours?  Maybe there's something about the particular places he poops or pees.  Like you mentioned he went on the rug...maybe he thinks that's an ok spot?  Does he get a loud 'NO!' and then taken outside when he does have an accident in the house?  That way he learns that not only is going inside the house inappropriate, but going outside the house is appropriate.  

Also, we were told a couple things by trainers as far as housebreaking goes.  One is to not overpraise.  That can sometimes distract from the dog leading to incomplete voiding (more accidents in the house) and also if it's extended for too long it can make the dog forget just what exactly it was being praised FOR.  The second thing is to praise only after the dog is completely done with its business.  Once again it's to prevent the dog from stopping short and also this way you're praising the LOCATION and not the actual ACT of going.