Help With Doberteen please!

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My rescue Fozzie Bear had parvo when I pulled him from the shelter.  After a week of fighting for his life, he finally came home.  He was a perfect angel for the first few months I had him.  Learned to potty outside, walk nicely on a leash, heel, sit, down, stay, come -- never a problem.

However he was very fearful, especially of cars (possibly thrown out of a car or hit by a car during his street days my Vet speculates).  It's possible that I've coddled him due to his fear and this has resulted in his latest antics.

Over the last month he's been a nightmare.  He refuses to go outside on his own, I have to go in the backyard with him and force him off the porch. As a result he keeps having accidents inside.  

He has begun counter-surfing (a habit I thought I broke him of when he first came home) and recently ate an entire plate of cooling brownies (rushed to the vet and he was fine).  Sometimes on a walk he will plant for whatever reason and refuse to move!

I have two other very well trained dogs that Fozzie used to respect, recently he has started stealing toys/bones from the alpha (a spaniel mix).  All of my dogs have gone through "teenager phases" but nothing this drastic.

I'm not sure how to correct him because he is SO fearful.  If I simply raise my voice to him he urinates to show submission.  I hate the idea of crating him because he is SO big (150 lbs) and also I don't want him to associate crates with punishment.

Help?  Also, as I mentioned I have two well trained dogs.  Does anyone know of a way I can use those dogs to demonstrate acceptable behavior to him?


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Maybe back to basics with HEAPING praise for the things he does right??  Our boy is highly food motivated and responds more productively to focusing on the things I want him to do instead of on the inappropriate things.