Dog Acted Like She Didn’t Know Me

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Hi, I am new to this forum and have MANY issues with my 7 mos old dobie.  She is from a reputable breeder and I have done my research.  I am working with a trainer because of the many social issues such as being scared of EVERYTHING, not knowing how to react to another dog and aggressively barking at people non stop in the house such as friends and family.  Tonight my husband walked out of the room while the kids and I were on the couch and when he walked back in she acted like she didn’t know him and hair up, ears down was aggressively barking at him and didn’t stop.  He yelled at her and as she charged him it’s like she realized who it was. Mind you he was only about 10 ft away from her.  Anyone had experience with this or heard of it?  As soon as I think she’s getting better in one area something new pops up.  Any help is appreciated. 

The first thing I will ask is what the breeder says? I'm assuming you have talked to them about this. 

Secondly, it may well be something she will grow out of, but there are no guarantees. Sometimes a dog is just wired wrong and it is no ones fault. I kept a bitch from my last litter (going on 7 years ago) that just does not have good temperament and is very reactive to other dogs, and some strangers.  She is good with us, but I have to be very careful with her around strangers - especially in our house.... she does have one bite against her, and if it happens again I will put her down. Her pedigree is gold, and out of 8 puppies in the litter she is the only one like this. This is a dog that has never had a bad day in her life. I put a championship on one of her sisters that I co-own, but ended up never breeding anything from the litter because of my Jezebel. 

If you truly do not feel comfortable with this dog, I would return her and ask for a replacement. If they are truly reputable, they will either replace her, or refund you the money. This is especially true if you have been working with the breeder about dealing with these issues all along.