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Hey I need some help...


My dobie just started her first heat.  She is acting really strange.  She won't let me or my husband touch her.  When we even try to pet her or even walk past her she starts to growl.  I'm scared she will snap at me and bite me.  Is this normal for dobies in heat?  She is normal when we are outside, but once we come in she is crabby.  Not sure if there is anything I can do?  Please help!!!!!!!!!

My 3 girls  were not spayed until 6 and we never had any behavioral problems with them. How many days into her heat cycle is she? what do you do when she growls or acts up when you are walking by?

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My girl is 4 now and she has never done that with us. She has growled at her man when he bothers her and she isn't ready for him yet. Does she have a mate if not and your not going to bread her then you really need to think about spading her. It is harder on them to go thru a false pregancy then to be preg. If she is good outside and you can leave her out then let her stay out till she is ready to come in as long as she is in a fenced area and no strange dog can get to her to ruin the blood line.

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No, that is not normal behaviour for any female in season.  I really don't know what to tell you to do because it's completely out of my realm of experience in that regard.  I would seriously question the stability of her temperament, season or no season. 

But I can tell you NOT to follow the advice of the poster above.  It would be completely irresponsible to leave an intact bitch in season in a yard of any kind unsupervised!  Males trying to get to a bitch in season will do almost anything to get into a fenced yard including digging under it, climbing it, and some have even been known to breed THROUGH a chain link fence.