"Dobie fits" - really?!

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I've heard these spurts of energy (running laps around the outside of house, circles and back and forth in the house) are called 'dobie fits' - really?  Our dog (almost 10 mos old now) does this almost every time we bring him in after an evening walk or will jsut do it as a surprise... Tonight grabbed a throw pillow (which he normally knows he can't have and leaves alone), ran around the house like a crazy possessed fanatic, jumped over my husband's legs (he was sitting on the couch with a cocktail table in front of him), ran into the wall, another chair; huband finally coaxed Enzo to his own pillow but that only lasted a second; dropped it, grabbed the 'no' pillow and went nuts around the house again.  He also seems to think something is under the chair's (attached) foot stool because he goes nuts trying to stick his head and legs under it and scratching to get under it.  I stand out of the way when he goes nuts (I've already gotten bruises and gashes on my legs!).  Enzo was (play) biting and would not stop with correction - has started doing this more.  My husband was finally able to grab him after a bit and then put him in his crate (for the night).  These 'fits' seem to be getting out of hand!  Enzo will not stop or listen to any command.  Help!  What do we do?

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You are experiencing the zoomies. It's normal I only let it last for a min or two no more then that. I find it hilarious when he tucks his butt and goes crazy but this is stopped in about two mins. What I do is get him to use his brain. Let's train :) focus on something really work at it. Teach a new thing. What I like to do is hide and find the toy gets him focused in a task and he has to use his obedience. I will say place he goes to his place then I sit him he must wait there till I hide the toy and the approach him, he can not move till I release him and then he goes to find the toy :) mass celebration when he does and we do it again ;) 

Mental stimulation will tire them out faster then any physical exercise :) 

We do a lot of different things with Ares to keep him occupied and happy I enjoy giving him jobs hahaha it's great to watch him solve problems and the boy loves to work :) maybe consider getting him into a sport we do schutzhund :)

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Oh my, I LOVE zoomies.  But, I didn't love them as much when our boy was your boy's age.  At 10 mos, our doberboy reminded me of a 5 year old human boy that would get sassy when he was tired but didn't want to go to sleep.  It is good to teach him a settle command when he is not in the middle of a "fit" so that you can help him settle easier when he is. 

We trained a "settle" spot in the living room (on a leather beanbag) and used extra special high value treats whenever he would settle there.  Those treats were only given for that command in that location.  These dogs are smart and it worked very well for us.

He will grow out of it.  I agree with what Ares said as well, mental stimulation works wonders to tire them out.  Every moment spent training with your dog is time WELL spent. 

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YES!  They are like tired little kids at this age.  Instead of crashing when they get overtired they get hyper and act like jerks.  Zeus had a 2 mile walk today, followed half an hour later by an hour of socialization play group, followed an hour later by his hour long obedience class and he was a class act jerk by the end of it all and jumping on me like a bad dog.  Thank god his little internal clock tells him no matter what bedtime is 10:30.  It's 10:15 now and he just went from 60mph to 0 and crawled up on my lap for bedtime snuggles.  Doesn't help that his molars are starting to coming in and he's teething again (7 1/2 months).