Dobermans and Reactivity

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I notice it getting mentioned off-hand in the Dobe community quite a lot and I'm wondering how many owners here actually experience some form of "reactivity" with their Dobermans.

Reactivity: negative/over the top reaction (barking, growling, lunging) toward stimuli (dogs, people, cats, cars, etc).

I'm on a few forums as one of those infamous lurkers and on the Doberman forums it doesn't seem to be a massive deal to the experienced forum members, whereas on the non-specific dog forums, people tend to immediately advise trainers, behaviourists, vets regardless of the "reactive" dog's history.

I'm not having a go at owners of different breeds that exhibit unwanted reactivity, I'm just wondering why the response to the problem from owners of Dobermans is usually different to that of the response from Labrador or Jack Russell owners.

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I'm not sure I totally follow your expectation regarding this thread.

I have terrible reactivity toward other dogs with my two. I was advised trainers,  equipment and spent over $3000 dollars on this issue alone.

It was all a waste of time, why, because they were not Doberman specific and I'd imagine this would be similar to each bread. Dogs have unique characteristics that are exacerbated by owners reactivity and that is why its more about the owner and that specific breed of dog.

That said, Dobermans do have periods of disobedience and general criminal activity call the Doberteens. Most owners know this is temporary for an otherwise well behaved dog.

This would explain why you may see some peoples rhetoric as dismissive or unconcerned. They are not being neglectful, they just have a better understanding of the situation.