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Hi everyone I could really use some insight.

i have a 1 1/2 year old intact male doberman named Maximus. my neighbor has a 10 year old intact jack russell. Tonight I was walking max and we say my neighbor coming toward us and they have played before and they were fine.  They sniffed each other then there stance changed and I don't know if the Jack russell was trying to dominate over max or what but all of the sudden max went after him.  He's ok but how do I avoid this from happening again or what could've happened that changed their relationship. Thank you

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Miximus growing up changed the relationship.  The leashes didn't help, the breeds didn't help, and the testicles didn't help!  The relationship will probably never be the same as it was when Maximus was a pup.  Dobermans are notoriously same-sex agressive, even when neutered.

Unless you have a REALLY good reason, its time to neuter your boy.  Eighteen months is a great age for it - he's all grown up, hormonally, now.

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Hi. This is what keeps me going to dog parks. I am constantly fascinated by the range of behaviors displayed by each individual dog, regaurdless of breed and genetics.

What triggered this behavior in the JR is anybodies guess, without being able to see what happened and without knowing the histories of the dogs, any conjecture would be pure speculation. But I cant help myself :)

Firstly dogs dont naturaly meet each other head on as they do when we walk them. They like to ark around each other, approaching from the side. Perhaps where you walked them was a little too confined and left the JR feeling defensive.

Perhaps the JR is carrying an injury or illness which may be causing this behavior.

Really these questions should be adressed to the owner of the JR. Has something changed in his life to destablise him?

And of course, every dog can have a bad day from time to time.

Context can be everything with dogs. Just because they get on at the park, or on a particular walk, doesnt mean this will translate to everywhere. Dog packs are completely fluid. Dogs enter and leave packs all the time, and with every entrance or departure the pack rearranges itself, all in real time. Its incredibly complex and amazing to watch. Perhaps where you were changed the context of the relationship between the dogs (and dont forget about the way the dogs include their owners as part of the pack), ie personal space issue, body language etc.

Storm tends to be the pack policeman. She hovers around her pack mates and keeps an eye on the play and the behavior of other dogs. If she sees other dogs bullying or not paying the appropriate respect to the others, she will nuzzle the other dogs neck and growl at it until it submits and starts following the packs established rules.

As soon as that dog submits, everythings cool and she goes off to do her own thing. She doesnt bully other dogs, she just 'enforces' appropriate behavior in the pack. Once the rules are established with the new dog everything is fine and she minds her own business and its as if nothing ever happened. While Storm playing the policeman/woman can look and sound scary, she means no harm at all to the other dog. Its a display. I have learned to control this behavior, but thats not the point.

If the JR didnt have its hackles up and its teeth bared and wasnt showing what they call whale eye (where alot of the white of the eye is visible), perhaps it was just displaying.

While I would be cautious around the JR in the future, I wouldnt write the relationship off straight away. Sometimes these glitches occur just as they do in our world and often dogs will be more forgiving of their mates than their owners would be in the human sphere.



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I agree with WNC neuter will tone it down a bit maybe but maybe not....WNC is right on with her remarks

their relationship changed in that moment and will most likely never be the same...