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Does anyone have any advice on stopping Athena from putting her paws on the counter and taking whatever she likes.  I have tried putting spoons on the edge of the counter and that works only while they're there.  This really annoys me!

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Dobermans are notorious counter surfers... There have been some really funny stories re: whole pies, roasts, pizzas and the like.. the only one I heard that was scary is that someone got into a bowl of chopped onions getting ready to be put into a cassarole.. had to go to the vet for some 'gentle purging'.

Onions are toxic.

Sofia ( the preciousssss) has never eaten anything that was not handed to her and Her Ladyship deems it undignified to either beg, or get onto a counter.. but I am still watchful.. Yesterday I was opening a can of tuna fish and she came running in from the back yard when the lovely aroma wafted out and she became ravenous for a tiny bit of flaked tuna... then she followed the empty can into the trash... The girl LOVES tuna!! Go figure.. Just when you think you've got your dobe figured out they develop a new wrinkle.. ( I think they lay awake at night figureing up new schemes to keep us on our toes..)

Now..back to  your question... some people have left metal cookie sheets on the edges of the counter to make a lot of noise.. Good luck and if you come up with another suggestion, I'm sure our forum family will appreciate it.

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I taught Kratos "Out of the Kitchen", as soon as he hears that he knows that he needs to come to the living room or in his crate and away from the kitchen.  If he tries to be defiant and not listen to me the first time I go towards him and bump him with my body to make him walk out of there...

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Control_Freak; good luck.  I have the same problem.  Two days ago, I had put a piece of chicken on a plate to assemble my dinner.  Left the room for a few seconds and when I came back, it was gone.  I didn't hear a sound to warn me, and the plate was as clean as when I took it out of the cupboard.  Because my mind is starting to go,   I had to keep reassuring myself "I know I put a piece of chicken on that plate!!!"  Anyway, she doesn't really dare to do it anymore when I'm in the kitchen.  I cured that with just a couple corrections with a sharp, two-finger jab to the shoulder.  Now she waits patiently until I go in the other room. I agree with Dobieluvr, I think the only solution is to make them stay out of the kitchen when preparing food.

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I find it is good to train the command 'OFF' this can easily be done by attaching a two meter houseline whilst you are supervising your dog. Each time she goes to put paws on the counter then use the line to guide her down at the same time as firmly commanding off. Then leave it a few moments before asking your dog to do something it has learnt like a sit and feed it a titbit from a plate on the counter. She will learn if she goes to help herself she is corrected in a firm but fair way and learns the command 'OFF' if she sits patiently at the counter then you reward her with a tit-bit. You also have to look at why she is surfing the counter and make sure that nothing is left for her to reach and tempt the behaviour especially when you are not there to correct it. If she is only doing the behaviour when you are present in the room with her then she may have learnt to do it as a way to get your attention and interaction in which case you will need to ensure that she has a more desirable job to do such as removing food from a food toy such as a Kong or make sure that you schedule play sessions and training sessions into her day to  burn off some of her mental energy.


Hope this helps!



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Hi Control freak

I'm afraid i still havnt found a way to stop Q.

His latest find was the peanut butter jar which i had left out. I thought the dogs were very quite for some reason...and found them both outside the back door with Q with his nose in it. It made me laugh....I just try to be more tidy these days...