constantly whining and squeaking

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Hi I've got a 3.5 year old female. I've been having a few health issues lately but she still get's exercise during the day and at night by my dad who is helping me.

Since I've started feeling like crap and being a bit more irratable the dog's be haviour get's annoying.

She's started to pace around the house lately squeaking and whining and making noises like mmmm if that best describes.

She will spin in her bed a do this, or run around the coffee table or house doing this. Then she will settle in her bed for hour's an be a complete angel or sometime's come up and poke me or put her head or push her head in my lap and lift it up. is she just being pushy and want's constant attention or is there another issue with her. maybe i'm not feeding her enough. I went to the vet with her and he complimented me on how good the dog look's and everywhere I go with her I get compliments on what a good looking or beautifull dog she is so I dunno.