Chico peed on my son's bed!!!

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I'm so confused at what happened last night!

It was very late and Chico wanted to sleep with my 4 yr old and myself in my bed in my room. I put him off the bed because I just wanted to get some good sleep because we have a lot planned for these next few days. Chico is a horrible bed hog.

Well, I put him out of my room and he usually sleeps with my oldest son anyways. My oldest son let him in his room and Chico promptly jumped up on his bed and peed!!


I haven't had ANY problems out of Chico- he's always so well behaved...

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My guy Klaus has done that a few times.  He is about 17 months old.  He started this a few months ago.  Not real often, but if he jumps on my girl's beds, he will do the same. 

He did the same thing on my bed one time too.  I was actually kind of baffled.  Ive had three female Dobies; he is the first male.  Don't know if maybe that is something they grow out of?

If youm hear anything about it, let me know! :)

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I don't know about dobie-specific sides of the issue, but I know that generally, a dog peeing on a bed (intentionally, not elderly leaking) is usually an attempt to claim the bed/space as theirs.  If he's never done it before, it was probably in response to being turned out of your bed/room if that was where he was trying to sleep...  something along the lines of, "Well, I may not be able to sleep there, but THIS is mine!"  A bit over a year old is about right to start getting the drive to mark territory I would think.

I've mostly had female inside dogs though; my one male primarily-inside dog never did that, but then, he knew full well my boyfriend at the time was absolutely the alpha.  So, not real sure how to deal with it/have any advice to offer on that end.

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It's my understanding that peeing on things is a way of claiming those things as theirs.....peeing on the floor etc. is too much excitement, stress, fear etc. or too much time in between potty runs.....