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Hi I have a 8 month red male Doberman that is a great dog, but few chewing problems have just started just wanted to know if this was normal. I do have to say that our dobie is not the normal dobie he is a dings puppy but you would never know he acts like a normal happy dog just everything we have thought him is in sign language. If there is any tips on how to help this problem or tip please let me know. Thank you 


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Hi Xkelliann,

I'm very new to all the Doberman stuff and still learning myself, but have you tried to provide different types of chew toys for your Dobie? It usually helps with keeping them concentrated on chewing toys instead of everything else. 

I hope somebody with more experience here provide you with more detailed advice.

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Oh goodness you are soooo lucky. I brought my 14 week old pup home almost 6 weeks ago and she has NOT stopped chewing since she got home. She chews EVERYTHING. Me, rags, toys, tree limbs (no kidding), flower pots, pig ears, bully sticks, well, you get the point. The only reason she has not chewed my furniture is because I rarely let her out of my site. I figured she would stop when she gets her big girl teeth. Your baby should be past all that. Please don't take offense but could he be bored? There are some really good kong style plush toys that have rope inside instead of stuffing. Maybe he would like that. Sorry I can't be more help but there are some really talented people on this board and I am sure they will be able to help you.  Good luck.

I'm not familiar with "Ding" so I did a quick google search and (I could be wrong) it sounds like a neurological disease and not like a physiological ailment. With that being said the dog still thinks like a dog. Since you said he acts like a normal dog, treat him as one. You're not doing him any favors by treating him like he's a piece of fine crystal.

 Being that the dog is acting normal, go get some raw hide bones (beef or swine), real bones, bully sticks, something that he'll consider food but has to work at it. Not rubber kongs and such. When the dog puts something in his mouth that shouldn't be, like a shoe, snatch it out with a firm "STOP" (I use stop instead of "NO" because the sound "NO" is used too many times in normal conversation) then replacing with one of the aforementioned chew items praising the dog then let him gnaw away.

Dogs have a normal desire to chew things. I have found that things that are food based work better than things that are just toy based. Keep these items available for the dog so he can choose those instead of the sofa. In time the dog should learn what's his and what's not.


P.S. fyrlady, your pup is too young to "snatch" things from. You don't wan to hurt his mouth (puppy teeth). With a young pup it's a more gental replacement.