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Hello there I am really having problems with my Dobe.. we rescued her a week before Thanksgiving last year and the vet said she was about 7 months then.. we have since had her spayed. The problems we are having is she nips and bites and me and my kids.. she didnt at first so much but she has gotten soo much worse lately. She runs and rears up on her hind legs and lunges at us and bites at us.. 

I had taught her maners when we first got her but lately she has seemed to forget them.. she has also recently taking to trying to eat food off our plates. .


 I am at a complete loss here.. its on the verge of rehoming her.. I dont work from home and we have a busy life with the kids.. so I cant walk her an hour in the morning and at noon and at night.. 

can any of you please help me .. or help me to find her a new home

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wow, that sounds sad that you would have to rehome her; they do require lots of exercise so if you are unable to attend to the amount of time yourself - could you get a neighbor or a pet sitter person to stop in and do the walking?? A dog that needs exercise becomes destructive and pushy with their people cause - they can't talk to us so they try in the their own way to tell us what they need and this is her way of telling you she needs your attention - exercise......there are lots of tips here on the forum about how to stop jumping and lunging at people from excitement. It does sound like she might be reaching teenager rebellion and that will pass if you have the patience and time to start training again. Think about giving her what she needs in any way you can such as a dog walker and obedience training again and patience is the key - you have to make time. Since you have human children you know how you actually find time to give them a bit of your focus she is your child too so find a way to work her into your schedule, she's a responsibility same as your child and you wouldn't give your child away for going through a phase that requires a bit more of your time than you expected.

Good luck and be sure to check the forum here for some of the answers to lunging, jumping and other issues.

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Sounds like your dog needs to be reminded that YOU are the boss, not HER.  Start with doing some basic things, like making her sit, or lie down, or any other command that you know she will do before you feed her, before you play with her, before you let her out the door--you need to establish your position by letting her know without any uncertainty that ALL good things (food, toys, attention) comes from you and your family, and if she doesnt do what you tell her, then no food, no toy, no attention until she does. Body language speaks volumes to a dog---if she doesnt mind, fold your arms and turn your back to her, no eye contact, no speaking to her.  Give that a few minutes and try it again.  She will eventually get the message.  If she's trying to take food off your plates, then confine her to a crate or another room until after you eat.  It's the basics...dogs want a 'Leader'.  She has too much control of you instead of the other way around.  You can change her behavior if you're consistant.