Biting and jumping up on me

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My 5 mo old is a terror!! Among other problems, he runs full speed at me and jumps biting when he makes contact.  Have tried ignoring him, turning my back when he comes at me, and finally puttin him in his crate (don't use this often as I don't want him to think of crate as punishment).  Need HELP!  Am at wits end.  Oh yea, he won't come when called. Treats don't work - have tried several brands and flavors.

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I never turn my back I'll square up and face him. My guy used to do this till he learn it's not ok. I would lift my knee. If you know it's going to happen stop it before it happens. If I see he's thinking about it I will put him in a sit and praise the sit. 

How have you been teaching him recall ? I used a long line and a toy. My boy is not a foodie so we have one toy he only gets when training and it's his favorite.