Bark chew and jump!

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My dobie is 6 months old, she is ever so sweet when she is chilled. But most of the time she run like a lunatic climbs on sofa eat her bone on it and chew all our shoes :(

nothing can escape her mouth!

i want her to calm down, has this become a dream?

As much as I love her, as much as I am giving up and doubt myself of getting her?

please help any ideas?

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She is only 6 months old.  She is still learning a lot.  Maybe make sure everyone's shoes are out of reach or in a closet.  When she gets one you need to redirect her to sometbing she is allowed to chew.  She might also be entering the doberteens where they get even more willfull.  The runni g and jumping sounds like she might have some pent up energy.  Maybe do some training sessions to exercise her mind.  

I wss ther about 6 months ago with my boy.  It felt like all the training and work we did flew out the window.  It does gdg better.  My boy is now 13 months and though he still has a bit of puppy in him, he is mellowing out and maturing nicely.  Stick with it and if you put the work in now you'll reap the rewards when she finally matures. 



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Oh good thoughts and ideas elisabooth. I've never had a pup til Bella came into our lives and I too am wondering how she can go from angel pup to Kujo in zero point 1 second..

AM afraid she's going to think her name is "no!"