Apollo forgot his crate training HELP

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Ok so here is the new issue. When we had Apollo in a wire kennel, he started peeing outside the kennel on the floor wall, other dogs crate etc. I went and bought a large carrier type crate and now he started peeing out the holes on top. I covered the holes so he decided jsut to pee and poop in his crate. The crate is a little big, but the next size was too small. I have no idea what to do anymore. Apollo has been house broken and crate trained since we got him and now he is just out of control. I need some help on how to fix this issue. I have gone back to retraining him like a puppy but what worries me is that he does not care that he pees in his crate and lays in it. I have read to feed him in his crate and put toys BUT he has plenty of toys in his crate about 4 or 5. Please help.