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I have a 9 month old Doberman puppy. I rescued her from a horrible situation, and took her into my home. She's the first femalel Dobie I've had, but not my first Doberman. I was a vet technician for 18 years, and this Dobie has me stumped! She's aggressive toward our male grand child, and me, but not my husband or anyone else for that matter. No, I haven't abused her, but she has growled, and snapped at me. Her last owners were a couple with one child, and a Rottie that was aggressive toward everyone. She was kept in a wire cage 24/7, and only let out to do her business, then right back into the cage. I'm thinking, that maybe she accociates our make grand child with the kid they had and me with the woman. Any ideas?

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I am not an expert, but I believe that if I was in your situation I would seek an animal behavorist.  Ask your vet to make a recommendation.  I would agree that she probably has issues due to her prior care or lack thereof.


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Wow if she was crated that length of time it's possible that the woman put her in there or the kid banged on her crate or something that made her feel threatened by the two whereas the man might not have been in the house as much doing things that might have upset her. You just never know the woman might have been verbally abusive or loud or anything - sounds like she is carrying baggage from her previous home and will need some intervention......keep us posted......and stay safe.....

would definitely ask your vet for a referral to a good behavourist - also, get her into an obedience class - you take her!  Many dogs don't want to be low man on the totam pole and will pick a young child or the one they percieve as being the weakest to try to be dominant over.  She may just settle in, but you should read up on NILF - Nothing in Life is Free - and see if this will get her past the aggression issue.