aggressive playing

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I have a 6 month old named titan he's a wonderful loving puppy, unless it's with our new puppy who is 7 weeks, he aggressively bites and pulls on her little legs I'm scared he is honestly trying to hurt her... any advise on how to stop or correct his behavior?

Best advice I can give is keep them separated. The 6 month old is not being aggressive he's playing like a 6 month old does. The 7 week old is prey to the 6 MO. If it hasn't happened already, the 7WO will imprint "dog fear" which will turn into "dog aggression". The other thing you could do is re-home one of them.


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I would supervise them at all times and correct Titan when the play gets too rough. At 7wo the pup is too young to defend herself. I'd give him an ah' or 'easy' when ever he goes too hard in play, and if he persists, shoo him off and put him in a down stay. Teach him when things get too rough, to move away and down stay for as long as you need him too. Teaching Titan some impulse control is not a bad thing, but you are asking a lot of him so keep that in mind.

Id keep the pup from hassling him while he's in the down too. Both these guys need to be taught to respect each other, but its going to require some heavy supervision if this is going to work.

When not being supervised they definately need to be seperated.

I agree too that the 6mo is not trying to hurt the young one, its just very frail when put with a 6mo doberman.