Advice for dominant puppy HELP!

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So it seems we have a dominant puppy... according to the breeder and others at obedience after seeing her play with other dogs etc and I think this is starting to be noticeable in the house,

Meeka (3.5 months) has started biting my partner and I (mostly me). This has only just started and usually occurs when telling her off with stong NO for either jumping on the furniture, trying to take off with something she is not allowed, practically anything she knows is naughty. I feel we have set good boundaries, she gets good excercise and training and listens to commands very well..  We try to be stern and assertive when saying no and have tried the water bottle to spray after saying no however she believes this is a game and resorts to running around the house and then going back to being naughty.. also she has started to run upto me, jump up and bite me - it feels like it is attention seeking or she is challenging me for some reason. I try to lift my knee to push her off however she grabs on and continues to bite - she has torn many of my clothes now from this behaviour and simply it is just NOT acceptable! 

Please ANY advice would be fantastic.. I have never had to deal with these behaviours before so I am a little lost on what is causing this and how I can help this stop! Thanks.

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I don't know about the dominance thing - but Bella went through a phase of challenging me when I told her no.  She would jump up and pull my hair or jump up and push me as I walked away.  I went with the consistently saying no at the same behaviours, ignoring her if she persisted and heavily praising her when she did anything (even the very little things) she was told - in fact I'd basically throw a mini party in her honour!

She's nearly 9 months now and whilst she still has her moments they are fewer and fewer (much to mine and tahlullah's relief

Not sure if this will help but good luck.

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For what it's worth, my 4 month female just slowed down with constantly biting my wife and I.  It took a few weeks of consistency, and not letting her get away w/ it... Loud No's and light pressure on the muzzle.

Of course now that she doesn't bite as often, she loves talking back!  When I give her a stern NO, she'll drop to the ground, curl her lips, show her teeth and bark back at me.  That's about the same time she goes in the kennel.  That ususally settles her down.  If you don't like using the kennel (mixed reviews on that), you can make a "time-out" spot for her.

I guess I have a similar issue; and from what I read, it's fairly common with dobe I doubt you're doing anything wrong. 

Hi , you sound just like I did and most of us when our pups were 3.5 months old !! I was totally on to the forum begging for some top tip to help me with my puppy or to tell me what I was doing wrong ?!!! In fact all I needed to do was to become a good bit stricter and like it or not when Mina bit me and barked at me I had to give her a good shake of the scruff nd tell her no very very sternly !! A very good doberman breeder told me this and I truly believe Mina was happier when she knew her place . Keep going is all I can say .. She will settle . Mina is 6 months today !!! I believe she has turned a tiny corner ! Least to mention 1 month ago I had tears in my eyes as she was so naughty one night ... Keep going with training and excersise and stimulation ... It will get better ...  Love Paola . 

P.s.   Mina wripped my new trousers the other night with her dew claw and my poor brothers jacket ! Still roudy at 6 mnths .... You are not alone ! X