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(these are not particular to the age of 8 months, but I have posted two other posts and thought I'd keep the same title in case somone later wants to read through them)


so basically currently struggelign witht he following issues:



1.whining.... so since I got him he has always been a very whiny dog... it took a long while with crate training and teaching him to be alone. Those are both perfectly fine now(although he is very rarely locked in his crate now, basically only when I am cleaning the house or when he is over-tired/excited and needs a little help to chill out).

however it has come to be his modus operandi in a lot of situations when he does not get his will, is bored, locked in the livingroom etc. he never gets any cuddle or treats or anything that would have worked as reinforcements for this behaviour so. basically, anyone with experience tips around this?


2.(somewhat related to the first issue) am struggeling tremendously to get him to quietly wait for me outside the store. with my previouse dog I simply would just leave a load of treats on the ground and go in, and by the time he'd eaten them just sit and wait, but dobie-kid starts barking and whining like crazy. he ahs no problem being alone in the house for up to six hours, or being handled by others or anything. I tried training by the garage, doing the same as I would outside a store, but I suspect he can hear me and therefor does not start to bark.. Ideally I would just tie him outside a store let him start barking, and wait untill he is quiet and then reappear(like crate training) but for obviouse reasons, this si not practical... any suggestions? because it  is hindering me from bringing him along sometimes for walks when I know I need to stop at a store to get something.


3. haning out with people.. at home, yes jumping still and playbiting a bit but that is getting better and under control, but I brought him to a gallery opening and he went bananas like a fish on a hook at the end of my leash so I had to just leave.


4.Kids. I have two nieces I see regularly 7-12 years old. the youngest is the toughest and he seems to respect her a lot more, (eventhough he jumped and gave her a  nibble the other day so she started crying (nothing an ice cream didn't sort out though), but the other is actually somewhat afraid of him... tips on training? he is basically just so friggin excited about the little buggers with their high energy and constant high pitch talking he cannot control himself...


so that's it, thanks all for your continued support. must mention gogh is a great dog, walks super nice, plays like one of the good guys, no chewing around the house (except some misplaces shoes ever now and then) 



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I don't have experience with whining so I can't really speak to that. As for the store/hanging out with people/kids I would STRONGLY suggest going back to square one and reading up on working below the threshold. Your dog sounds overly amped up and the situations that he is being exposed to sound like they are only making things worse. There are numerous books and web resources on the subject.

Edit to add: I don't have experience with my Doberman whining. My other 9 year old mixed dog was a nightmare as a puppy.

With the store, try using a trusted friend, leave him with them, walk out of sight, and return immediately. Slowly extend your absence but always try to return before he whines. Once he is good with that, work on tying him somewhere safe without a person and start at the beginning--maybe even just turn your back, take a step or two, return and praise him. You need to build his confidence in you that you will return no matter where you leave him.

At his age and with his response at the gallery opening I would suggest not doing that again until you have a foundation of good behavior elsewhere. You may not think that you are encouraging the behavior, but tugging, scolding, and ultimately leaving can all serve to reinforce unwanted reactive behavior in some circumstances.

With the kids, it is really hard to say not having seen the dynamic. However, your comment about "their high energy and constant high pitch talking" set off some alarms for me. As a puppy, your dog needs a controlled environment. If the children cannot calm themselves down to a suitable level and avoid high pitch kid noises then they should not be around the puppy yet. 

Best of luck to you :)

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What great advice from Sgourle ( how do you pronounce that????)

Eight months is still a crazy puppy age... the no look.. no talk.. no touch scenario works well but that's training people who come into house, shop, gallery.. etc. NO ONE seems to take it seriously.. We had a sign on our door that read that very same thing.. people would still come in and squeal:

                         "PUP-EEEE !!!!!"

setting off motion detectors, smoke alarms and shattering windows.. not to mention the 'Pup-eeee' in question.  ( doesn't anybody read anymore??)

Trying to contain youngsters whether two legged or four is a feat in itself. But I feel that's your first order of business.. ( How close are you to the kids' Mum? I mean is it your FAVORITE sister?? Nevermind.. delete that..)

All you can do is... all you can do.. keep trying and keep your own sanity.. these dogs pick up on energy ( as you've seen with the squealers) so if you can maintain.. it will eventually work..

Someday Gogh will be a stately, dignified mature gentleman... who sleeps most of the day and you'll wish for 'pup-eee-hood' once again..


Some dogs are just whiners..... I have a 7 year old male that is still a whiner  ;-)