6 month old biting at family

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King was 6 months old on 12/24/12. At around 5 months he started growling and lunging and biting at my 16 yr old son when he would go in the backyard to play with him. He would circle him and jump and snap and bite (hard). Now he has started to do this with all of us. Everytime we go outside he lunges and bites, even growls at us. Today he did this to my 11 yr old daughter who was in tears because he really hurt her. I had to run outside with a stick while she was screaming for help. I'm very concerned about this behavior. He will also nip visitors. Any advice on how to correct his would be appreciated.

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Just wanted to say I was sorry to hear about this turn of events for your family I hope the others can help you nip this in the bud and get back a non threatening youngster, he sounds very hyper so maybe some training to wear him out?? how much other exercise does he get?? do the kids ever rough house with him inside??