5 month old puppy won't walk with us!

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I am new to this site and have a strange situation with my 5 month old puppy Diesel. If my husband or I take him for a walk by himself he will walk about 20 feet and then sit on his bottom and wants to turn around and go home and will refuse to walk anymore. We encourage him with treats to get him moving. We manage to get about a block away and then turn him around to go home. He then of course walk wonderfully because he wants to get home. However, if the whole family goes for a walk my husband and I and our two boys he is more than happy to go for a walk with zero issues. We take him many places other than our home and he is very socialized with other people. It seems he just does not want to leave our property without all of us together. It is so frustrating because many times we are not all able to be together to walk him at the same time. Any ideas besides driving away from the home and then walking him. We do not want to get into the habit of doing that as we have limited time and just want to walk him like a normal dog should be walked. Not sure why he is doing this. I have him in some training classes and have asked our trainer and she said to drive away from the house and then walk him. Have done that but not planning on getting in my car and driving away every time I want to walk him. Any suggestions would be great!!

This vid will give you a good idea how to coax your dog into position.


This is an older dog teaching propper position. Again coaxing with food.


With both vids watch the timing of the rewards.

To make Diesel really food motivated, don't feed him one day and on the next go work with him and use the bribes. To not feed him "one" day will not harm him. He's not gonna starve but it will give you the focus you need.

Does he play fetch the ball or frisbee? What toy does he think is fun? Whatever it is, hide his toy in your pocket, walk a short distance coaxing him with food and at the end of that distance, "BAM!!!, pull out his toy, play "his" game. Get animated!! If he thinks he's gonna have fun at the end of the walk, he'll want to go.

I'm guessing the dog would rather be with the two boys instead of walking with you. Make yourself more interesting than the boys.

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It sounds like he's hesitant about going for a walk without the whole pack along.  He's still young, so it's probably not a protective thing (not wanting to leave the kids alone), but rather seeking protection (strength in numbers).  I would start working on something like heel, interspersed with sits, stays, etc. so that it becomes a training exercise instead of 'just a walk', keeping him focused on you instead of the fact that the whole pack isn't coming... then, once you're to the turning point, it can be 'just a walk' back home.