4 month old dobie always pulls on leash! please help

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Hi everyone,

My 4 1/2 old male dobie is doing pretty well with most of his training....except leash walking!!!! I take him on walks almost every day. Some days we walk in the woods off leash and others we walk around town on leash. Every time he is on the leash he pulls the entire time! I've done basic obedience training with him which he does well. I also practice leash walking inside which he does OK with too. I'm not sure if he gets too excited outside or what the problem is. I purchased a halti and it does help but he still pulls just not as hard. I'm a first time dobie owner so I'll appreciate any helpful advice. Thanks!

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Hi Outdoorsman!

This is my first time sharing a piece of advice on here, and I am by no means an expert.  But, I just had a loose leash walking breakthough with my 6 month old girl on our lunchtime walk today...baby food!!

We have consistently had issues with our Shea pulling when distracted and especially when headed back home at the end of a walk.  We walk her with a "no-pull" harness.  She's also done basic obedience and she walks great when training inside or in the backyard.  So, I spoke with our trainer about it and she suggested that our treat might not be high value enough to work when distracted.  So, we tested out working with a jar of baby food (chicken and rice) and doing a 10 treats in 10 seconds approach always given in the heel position.  

I've transitioned to working this way outside.  I click and treat whenever she gives me eye contact or when super distracted if she just slightly turns her head in my direction.  I always treat at the heel position.  We've been doing this for about 2 weeks and today, she got it!  Her focus was on me for about 60% of the walk, which is HUGE for her.

Anyway, I hope that helps...even a little bit.  Good Luck!