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Hi everyone I am new to this site and my puppies name is Johnny cash, cash for short, he is four months old. We have had cash now since Christmas to say he is energetic would be an understatement! We take him out 3 to 4 times a day and play ball with him so he gets plenty of attention and play time. He doesn't seem to know how to communicate with out reaching to bite our hand we tell him no bite... We tried redirecting him to a toy... Making it uncomfortable for him to bite like balling our fist in a weird position.... But the more we try these things the more wound up he gets when we say stop or no bite he really starts to get agrresive he starts barking and lunging and biting harder like he doesn't like to be told no. Any advice on how to fix this behavior would be greatly appreciated!!

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The best thing I've always found to help with bite inhibition is to imitate the high-pitched yelp that puppies make when they bite each other too hard.  That's exactly what that sound is for, to teach each other what is 'too hard' in play.  I'm sure they must think we are the most wussy, tender-skinned things EVER lol.  At ten weeks old, Koko already uses close to zero pressure when he bites at us, he just mouths us, and now we're working on stopping even that with the 'no bite' and withdrawing whatever he is mouthing until he closes his mouth and gets that 'processing...' look.

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that sounds just like my Diesel! we are still working with him on the no bite but he knows the command and stops (most of the time). the way we tought him is with a water bottle. and it works wonders!!!!!! it doesnt hurt them and it immediatly gets their attention and redirects them. everytime he would bite we sprayed him and said no bite at the same time and then give him a toy. then praise him when he plays with his toy instead. i find myself using the water bottle less and less. i had also tried so many other things like the welping but that just seemed to excit him more. when i first used the water on him it was pretty funny cuz he would look at me like what the heck was that shake it off and go do something else. just make sure u reward him when he does stop biting or he is not gonna know what he should do instead of biting. good luck and be patient! he will get it!