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I have 2 neutered males of different breeds and ages.  Duke is a stag red, miniature pinscher who is almost 5 years old. He is a pee on everything territory marker.  On May 5th we acquired Daymian, a 1 year old red male  Doberman. when we got him he rarely peed on trees, preferring to squat like a female. Since being with Duke now for a couple weeks, he has started to lift his leg like a male and mark.  He still squats most of the time, but sometimes seeks out spots where Duke has been.   Daymian was raised on a horse ranch / exotic bird aviary, with multiple cats & dogs.  I have read the posts about adopting litter mates and previously knew it was a recipe for disaster to do so, but have not read anything about having 2 males of different breeds or ages.  Did I just get myself into something here?

Other than that, Daymian will occasionally chase or charge at Duke, but has good recall.  "No" or "leave it" stops Daymian in his tracks.  Duke looks and acts old for 5 years and Daymian has a lot of puppy energy.  Duke prefers to sleep a lot, where Daymian tends to follow my husband and I all day, play with toys, and romp the fenced yard.

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There have been alot of posts recently about the same sex aggression towards other breeds maybe someone will post again about it or you can just keep searching the posts here, some of the posts about it might be in the General Forum posts or Tell Us About Your Dogs if you don't find it in this forum title. Keep looking there are lots of them....

Good luck with the two males, I have read it can be done. All my dogs have been male and have had 4 at one time but never dobermans and they all totally ignored each other except for Ben the rottie and Goofy the collie they really loved each other.

Several people have small dogs with their dobermans and do just fine. You'll get alot of advice from the group.....

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Google - Doberman same sex aggression


the answer is possibly YES,  male dobermans in particular are well known for same sex agression and it doesn't matter if they are litter-mates or other breeds.   There are always exceptions and you will find people that have no issues.  However make sure as those people are telling you it's not a problem you ask how old their dog is because it usually doesn't show up until they reach maturity.  So often on or around 2 years old is when it begins to show up.  Do a few searches on this site for it and you will find at least a couple threads about it. 


It's also why most of us with males do not take them to dog parks...it's not a guarentee that it will happen but since one of you dogs is so much larger if it does you will really have a problem because the min-pin might get seriously hurt. 

It's also why no reputable breeder or rescue would give you a male with another male in your household.   It's not worth the potential risk...

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I have a 4 year old male and Malakai is on a mission to dominate any male he crosses. Now if that was the only dilemma I would no have concern. If he sees a male large breed unfixed, he wants to kill it no if an or buts. Breed has no bearing on it. Pit bulls especially ! He has dragged my fiancée to the ground , broken chain leashes and other show stopping incidents to go kill an uncut male.

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Just for an opposite point of view - I had three male Dobes, and none of them had any male aggression towards other males. Male dogs would occasionally visit, and they all behaved. Only one of them lived with another male - a Curly - and they got along just fine. The Curly was a laid back dog, but then, so were all my Dobes.

Really, I didn't realize how unusual it was until I started reading this forum! (I always had the girl doggers fight. Only one queen in the household. LOL!)

So I guess I just wanted to say - it IS possible that they will get along.

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Gideon, who is neutered, tends to be aggressive toward our male collies, but gets along fine with Stormy, our chihuahua. I never considered the fact the collies are intact and Stormy is neutered too. Maybe that's what makes the difference.