15 week old puppy, issue with other dogs

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My 15 week old goes nuts whenever we are around other dogs. She pulls on the leash like crazy, barks, whines, and tries to play bite and get on top of the other dog... It is becoming annoying. When we socialize with other puppies they don't seem to do this. Am I doing something wrong????  my kind neighbor has let us practice walking next to her tiny 5 lb dog and the whole time my puppy does this. When I let her off leash with my mom's larger lab mix the lab lets her jump and play bite to a certain extent and then gives her a nip if she becomes too rough. But I worry that my puppy would hurt a smaller dog, or upset the other human... Am I over thinking this? I have tried pulling her back from the other dogs and giving her treats the second she might calm or stop barking but it does not seem to help. I would appreciate any tips. Thank you!

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What are you using for a lead? 

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I'm using a 6 ft nylon leash. I don't give her that much room to roam. I keep her pretty close, pretty much at my side with the leash dipping down a tad. That Is until she sees another dog. Then she's pulling and barking and such.