10 week old dobie growl and bite

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Hello everyone,

My 10 week old male dobie and I were out in the backyard when he stared digging a hole, when I went over to pick him up he growled then bit my hand. This was a very aggressive move and not like a play "shark" dobie thing. I did just what I always do when he plays rough which is sit him down with a stricked loud NO and make him take a breath and sort of calm down before continuing on. This is my first dobie and I love the little guy but I want to raise a gentle kind Doberman not a junk yard guard dog. Does anyone have any tips for me and what might have caused this aggression?

Hi maybe wee monkey got a fright ? Mina was horrible to me at times at 10 weeks and I couldn't believe a puppy could be so mean !!! I eventually had to get tough as she was challenging me on every move ...some one with more experience will give good advice but def ... Be firm Znd fair and keep him occupied as much as you can !!! Do you know how his parents temprement was ? Keep his little mind active and train lots and maybe enrol to a puppy class if there's one near ? That will really help socialise him and he will come back exhausted !! Try enjoy him too as they grow so fast !!! Look forward to hearing how he is doing Paola . 

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I don't think he really was being aggressive technically, he is in his terrible twos and will challange EVERYTHING! Just be tough and maintain authority. Expect alot of sass and back talk.

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While it may seem like it, this was not an "aggressive" move, and I often encourage people to not use the term "aggressive", only because it is scary for people, and 99% of the time it's not accurate.  Your puppy is young, doesn't know how to act, and communicates with his mouth.  This is normal puppy behavior, and nothing to worry about.  It is something that you want to work with in training, but just about every single pup owner ever has been in this same situation, so don't let it get you down.  Your dog just needs to be taught some bite inhibition, and that it's not ok to bite humans.  You can keep a favorite toy handy, and when the dog comes to bite, replace your arm (or whatever) with the toy, and praise the dog for chewing on the toy.  Puppies like to chew, but they haven't been taught (remember that our world is wierd to them, the don't know what they can and can't chew) what is acceptable yet.

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At 10 weeks, I doubt your puppy was being aggressive.  But, now is the time to teach restraint and acceptable behavior.  Harley kind of scared me a little too when he was a pup, but we showed him the acceptable way to act.  No biting, no growling, etc.  But you have to work on training now, like we did.