Training 2 doberman puppies to walk on a leash

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can anybody please advise me on how to train two 10 week old doberman puppies to walk on a leash, or is that to early for them to learn??

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It's not too early. Start them out one at a time though. Once they both know to walk in the heel you can stick them both at your side.

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My tried and true method for leash breaking, workes on any dog, any age, as young as 5 weeks.
I tie them out. Collar cannot be too tight, no chokers. Just snug enough they can't get it off. Long but lightweight puppy chain for youngsters, prefferably with a spring attached for resiliancy. Let them fight it out, as soon as they quit fighting, immediately take them off for the rest of the day. About 3-4 days of this in a row, usually 10-15 mins per session, and they are leash broken. Leash training, i.e., manners and training to heel, etc, comes later, but this method does break them so they dont fight and scream and do the alligator roll, etc. Good luck!

PS. before I get accused of cruelty, I have been training pups/dogs this way for years, it has worked every single time, and I have never ever had a dog or pup injured in any way shape or form, and no it does not make them fear the leash or collar.

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Interesting. Yes, as long as the collar is properly adjusted, you won't hurt them, especially with the spring shock absorber on the chain.

Another method I have seen is to simply attach the leash and let them get used to it by dragging it around the house for a while.

I was pleasantly surprised with Princess when I picked her up at 9 wks. The first night with her was spent in a motel and snow on the ground. The first thing I did when I picked her up at the breeders home (she was in the kitchen) was put the collar on her - no reaction. We made a rest stop on the way to the motel to let her relieve herself, and I put the leash on her and then carried her to the walk area. When I put her down and held the lease up with slack, she was more interested in finding the perfect spot and disliking the cold wet white stuff than she was about her restraint. I don't think she was even aware of the the leash.

I had it on more to keep her from running into trouble, but she was uncomfortable in her surroundings and was staying right by my feet. I think that the fact I had spent about 40 minutes on the couch in her previous home with her in my arms was a big step. She has not fought the leash yet, but then she doesn't get walked as I have a fenced back area (4 acres total, but only about 50 x 80 fenced in back). When I take her to the vet she is on the leash and does not fight it.

Definitely don't try and train them both at the same time on the leash. You need to work with each puppy independently. I'm going to include a link to a utube video demonstrating a great way to train to walk on a loose leash. This person has several utube videos that are phenomenal.