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I feel I need to pass this information along but know that some pictures in this clip will be hard to look at. I felt that because this mans website is still up and running that people should be warned. I was also told that this man worked for Whited K9 at one point.  http://www.vindy.com/news/2008/oct/22/dead-or-emaciated-dogs-found-at-yo...

Everyone considering buying a Doberman should look at this news article. When you purchase from irresponsible people this is what you are promoting. Warning the pictures are very graphic! Here is a great example of someone who had a good website and a nice large professional sign in his yard to the newbie looking to buy a dog across the country they would't have a clue what they were supporting. The message is Research the breed, research the breeder and buy from reputable, responsible people.

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Grendlespop - thank's for sharing, I just hope I can sleep tonight. How anyone can be so cruel to any dog, much less dogs trusted in their care for boarding. I may have to go wake up Red and Princess and give them both a special hug to get over this. When they catch that B they need to lock him up in his kennels and then go away for about two weeks.