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An introduction to our 'Teß'

Our 4½ year-old, Teß (Tess), we rescued last September. I flew to Atlanta to fetch her.  Not long after I return returned home with her, we went to the Veterinarian for her check-up and register here with the county.  When the Vet came out from her lab, she had turned white; she then told me that Teß had allllll the main types of parasitic worms, to include heart worms!  So, it was quite and effort to have her fit again.  But, after proper and treatment, she was cured of all of them.  Since she has those feared hip problems, I had her Spay as soon as she was strong enough.

Once things were somewhat normal for her here with us, we changed the spelling of her name from the standard Latin letter spelling for English to the German spelling, with the sharp lower-case double “s,” the S-tet (“ß, ”--- ‘ss’ as pronounced in snake), marking the she had a new life with us.  We have enough space, so we are a foster family for rescued Dobes awaiting adoption. 

Our dogs are well socialized and when in public with them, we work hard to demonstrate good citizenship. Responsibility must be the foundation of all pet owner’s credo.  We follow AKC & DPCA Standard, as envisioned by the original breeders of the Doberemann Pincher.

I am sorry, but the system will not let me post photos for some reason.