Suddenly going potty in house

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Hi all.  Tacuhey has been doing great, until last night.  He has not went potty in the house for over three weeks.  He always goes to the door to let us know he has to go.  He doesn't even go when we leave him alone out in the house because of his crate isssues ( he hates being confined).  But last night, he pooped and pee'd in the house.  Then today, he was just walking and stopped and pee'd again.  We corrected him, but I'm confused.  The strange thing is...when we take him out, he acts scared of the yard.  He wanted to poop on our deck but I wouldn't let him.  He seemed to be afraid of going down the stairs...then afraid of the yard.  Could something have happened to him that I am not aware of?  I always go out with him, and don't recall anything bad happening, he just suddenly seems like he wants nothing to do with the yard.  I am looking for some advise on how to get him back on the right track, or if anyone else may have a clue as to why the sudden change.

Thanks for all your help :)