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So I wrote about my dobe Dallas. I've had her since December 21st and our bond is incrediable...almost obsessive on her end. Lastnight, my 3 year old daughter (Madisyn) fell asleep in my bed and she was sick so I placed her in the reciner next to my bed. Dallas usually sleeps there, but because my daughter was sick I wanted her close by. Well, Dallas tried to jump on the chair with  Madisyn and I told her "no". There were no other issues last night...but then when I woke up at 5am to go to work, I smelt something awful and traced to my daughters room. Inside I saw three piles of poop on top of her freashly made bed. Without a word or a scold, I cleaned it up. My husband was furious and wants to get rid of her. I can't find it in my heart to because I love her so much. Please help me save my dobie from going back to her original owner. I just really need to curb this whole deficating in the house. Any tips? For additional info please see my original post on Dallas the doberman.

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Curb? Has she done this before.

One thing you need to realize is the importance of where a dog sleeps with regard to their standing in your family (pack). The superior dogs sleep in the high spots and nearest to the alpha dogs (you and your husband). So letting her sleep on the chair affirms her a solid high spot in the hierarchy.

If Dallas is like most Dobermans, and dogs in general, she views the baby just as she would a puppy. She thinks it's her job to look after her, keep her out of trouble, and make sure she gets fed.

Taking away her spot and giving it to the puppy most likely gave her some significant anxiety. In dog language you were thinking about throwing her out of the pack long before she pooped in the house.

Why did she poop where she did? I can't think it was spite. It seems like that to people - but dogs are very different from people.

She might have been upset that the baby wasn't where she usually is. She might have been spending time in what she viewed as the next step down sleeping place. Or she may just feel comfortable in your daughters bed. It's hard to say.

I would have Dallas sleep on the floor for now on. And don't be made at her. Make sure she knows she's still an important part of the family.