Slow or Not Accessible - Where did Gentle Doberman Go?!?!?!

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Well - Gentle Doberman has disappeared a few times in the last month, and this month, and has been off and on running slow, like right now.... This is due to the server where Gentle Doberman is hosted. I've contacted the staff that maintains the server and I get the same answer, "There was a problem but we fixed it. We're pretty darn sorry." This is frustrating I know. According to the contract we have the server should be running properly 99.99% of the time.... Hmmm..... I'm tempted to shop for a new host, but who knows, maintaining computers can be a finicky business. Things can run great for a long time then several problems occur. We'll see I guess. If it doesn't clear up we'll just pack up and move. This won't cause any problems for our visitors. We'll still be at, It'll just be routed to a different server. You'll never know the difference, unless of course things don't clear up, then hopefully you'll notice an improvement. So, if you find you're having problems, just try again after a few minutes. Thanks.