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Our Dobie's name is Scout.  She's a year and a half old and weighs about 80 pounds.  She lives in the house with me and my wife.  She is crate trained and we have begun to (slowly) try to wean her off of the crate so that eventually she can have the run of the house when we're gone.  We have a good sized yard for her to run and play in and we take her for walks along the dam behind our house several times a week.  She is well behaved most of the time. My wife and I spend a lot of time with her, both inside and out. 

When she was little we took her to puppy school and we have both worked with her a lot.  She loves to learn new things.  Unfortunately she is a bit stubborn and while she will take to a new trick within a few tries, it is very difficult to get her to stop[i] [/i]unwanted behavior.  Maybe some of you can help?


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Wow, I have the same wish, that is that my almost 8 month old girl will get rid of some of her undesirable behaviour.  Sometimes you tell her to sit and she will NOT do it if she doesn't feel like it, little things like that drive me CRAZY!!!!! We went to puppy class and beginner class, and will do more classes in the future.  We are going crazy trying to get her to not pull on the leash, she is doing better, but not great yet, but I am patient.  I don't really have an answer to you how to stop the unwanted behaviour, but if you figure it out, will you let me know, LOL!  I can't wait for the day that we can trust her off leash, but I think thats a long way away. 

Good luck with your girl.  BTW, our girl is Greta, she will be 8 months old the end of this month and she is about 60 pounds, and she has the goofy looking natural ears that I like and my husband still can't get over since he loves the cropped ear look, but she was a rescue and already 12 weeks when we got her. 

Good luck!!!!!!!

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Hello, I know how hard it can be when a pup is stubborn. I have a really great guide for training and despite the name it gets pretty in-depth. It is Dog training for dummies and it works on training from weening all the way to Schutzhund and advanced obedience.Whats so good is that it gives different methods for dogs with different drives. Really a great book the for money, I picked mine up used for about five bucks. I'm not sure but the G.Doberman may have it in their book section.