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Well-intentioned but naïve folks assume cropping and subsequent posting is a cruel and unnecessary process.  I would propose that over the dog's lifetime, the return of his ears to their natural, upright state as seen in wolves and cats is a net gain in the animal's enjoyment of a life free from ear infections.  Moreover, our dog has not shown any signs of irritation over the posting.

The European nations' laws banning the procedure are politically motivated by so-called (again, well-intentioned, probably good people) animal-rights groups without consideration to the foregoing.  Germany apparently requires specific permission in writing before showing an animal with cropped ears.

In addition to a beautiful, sweet young Dobe boy, we own a Pug.  He has been plagued with ear infections for some time.  He receives special care for these, and at the present we have these infections under control.  I have to wonder, however: given his triangular, hanging ears which restrict airflow, how much of this could be prevented?

I realize that more than just politics-of-the-day are involved: there are breed politics as well, which are internecine in nature, restricted to discussion within circles involved with the particular breed.  With this in mind, we have the opportunity to preserve this option for the Doberman Pinscher (and yes I use the "old" name) in America, and I rest assured that our sweet boy will not suffer the same fate as our Pug.  I would encourage anyone who reads this to stay abreast of legislation pending in several states by regularly visiting

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Amen. The people who oppose docking and cropping say it is painful and in the case of cropping there is an unnecessary anesthesia which has risks. A good way to counter the argument is to ask them if they favor the spaying and neutering of stray dogs. If they say yes, point out that that process also involves an unnecessary anesthesia procedure for political reasons.