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Hi folks

We got Harley 5 weeks ago ( now aged 12 weeks ) and hes gorgeous but OMG what a handful.  I know he is just do the puppy thing but the constant jumping up and biting is no fun at all, especially with my 2 year old who he makes a beeline for, knocks her to the floor and nips all over and he sure has sharp teeth.  He's a  maniac and very persistant and peace is only restored once he has fallen asleep!

We've had Doberman before but never done the puppy bit.  HOW LONG DOES IT LAST??! 

He's also extremely nervous of people.

The house training is getting there-just have to keep watching for the signs ( he doesn't ask yet ). Ive read you can house train in days but its taking us weeks.

Any advice is appreciated because at the moment 'he' is on the menu for Christmas Day! He's lucky he has got a cute face.

(we love him really!)


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Harley, welcome to the group. Housebreaking in days - I don't know who told you that, but that is totally unrealistic. Now I have seen some adult dogs that have been raised outside that when brought in want to go outside to do their thing, but its what they have become accustomed to.

Raising a puppy is a challenge, but also a joy. They are not unlike children who will do impulsive things and come to think their name is NO! Seriously, the house training will take months, not weeks. It gets better and better as the puppy gets the idea, but they will still get that sudden urge and give in to it. You have not mentioned crate training, and I highly recommend it. A dog, be it adult or puppy will not generally mess in their sleeping area if they have any choice. Overnight, if they have to go out, they will whimper and wake you up.

My red female Princess who is a little over a year old now has only had problems in her crate a few times - when she got sick and just could not help it and could not wake me up - she now has a loud enough voice that it isn't much of a problem anymore. The gifts got down to only once in a very great while by the time she was about 4 months old. It is unrealistic to expect a 12 week old puppy to become housebroken, after all, how long does it take to toilet train a baby?

The jumping up to greet you is a normal reaction for dogs, its how the puppies greet the adults. However, it can easily be broken by telling them No! (there's that word again) in a stern voice when they do it. A two finger pop on the nose will get their attention as well and will not hurt them. It's how their mother disciplines then (the two fingers simulate the paw). Your daughter may want to use more fingers and say no to him. She may also want to simply turn around when he's coming - the back will slow him down as he will have to go past her and turn around. Another way for you, but may be difficult for your daughter is to step forward when he starts to come up, for that throws him off and confuses him. He will eventually get the idea. After all, don't forget to Harley, your daughter is just another puppy in the pack - and you need to be the Alpha.

Yes 12 week old puppies are a bundle of boundless energy. But, it will get better.

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RG I am happy you posted this...I think some including me think since we have super smart dogs we expect them to potty train way faster that our other not so fast to learn pups!!! I was told 2 - 3 weeks she will be train. shrug ... HOWEVER she has yet to mess her bed!! Tonight she had graduated to a bigger crate...only cause the other one was not big enough. I didn't realize that till today when I got on my hands and knees cause SOMEONE loves her crate now and refused to come out! That's right! The one whom screamed all night long for about 5 nights!