Puppy with thin coat..appreciate your assistance

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I am considering buying a red doberman pup but noticed her coat is thin on top of her head, between eyes and ears (in temple area) and also chest is thin.  She has hair, but very thin and you can see her skin through it.  I have never owned a red dobie before, but have had a black one who didn't have any thinning of hair.  I am not sure if this is normal, if it is because her coat is red and I am not used to it, if it is because she is a pup, or if this isn't normal and could be a sign of potential issues.  She is currently 6 1/2 weeks old.  I would appreciate any info you can share.
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It depends on how "thin" it is. Puppies grow fast and sometimes the growth of hair does not keep up at the same rate. They will also have very short hair compared to later and when they are adults. The hair on an adult dog is about 1/2" long or so, where the hair on a puppy is more like 1/8". This shortness of the individual hairs may give an impression of thinness.