Puppy Potty Issues

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I've read through much of this forum already and gleaned much insight, so you'll forgive me if what I write overlaps related material.

A couple of issues:

Ike has made a habit of pooping in the garage.  I'm usually pretty tolerant of him pooping anywhere that's outside the house, but cleaning up in the garage involves a small amount of work with a shovel.  If he would poop in my beds (the flower/plant variety), as was doing early on, that would be ideal - better even that pooping in the lawn which is also acceptable.

Ike is intermittently peeing his bed.  I'm a night owl and go to bed quite late and am trying to make a point of letting him out at 12:30 or 1:00am right before I crash.  My wife lets him out early in the morning, usually without incident although he has peed in there a few times.  One common thread is, when this happens he had snuck a drink of water from Winston's bowl (probably while I was cleaning up the urine from the previous night's stay).  If he can get all his liquid needs for the day met early, with nothing to drink after say 6:00, would that be a workable policy?  I read something to that effect here, perhaps from rgreen4, and about muscle control development.

He does not get a towel or cushion during this time.  Yes, perhaps a bit unkind, but washing urine-soaked towels poses an unfair burden on my already-frazzled wife.  Once he has developed muscle control he will be in heaven snuggling up to sleep with Winston on his large, soft comfortable dog bed.

I think I would go back to the basics with him. You will have to watch taking up water that early in the summer when it is hot. I don't really have these problems in the crate because I teach my dogs to go in 1 area of the yard. As soon as I get them up I will carry them out to that spot and immediately we start working on word association. I have a very strict schedule that I adhere to and the puppies are potty trained quite quickly. I think the thing that makes it so easy is they are given one area to go in and when they go out they know what they are there for. It's not play time or sniff and explore time it is potty time. You have to know what there schedule is, and when they need to go.

Maybe someone else can shed some light on this and give other ideas on how they potty train with success.

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I have somewhat of an unfair advantage. I have Red to help with Princess. but at 6 months, she has recently had a problem going all night on 3 of the 7 or so nights before I went on my trip. (I am back up in Virginia seeing some old friends and checking some property.) I let Princess sleep on bare plastic on night last week because I failed to start the washer with a mat she had gotten. She had no problem during the night on plastic. Outside the dogs have their choice of anywhere in the fenced area which, except for the deck and a 12'x12' concrete patio is all grass.

When I get back, she will be six months old, so I will start working with her a little more seriously. Right now she is about 90% reliable.

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Pet Profiles

Hi Omega..when Q arrived I took a week off work so that I could be there for his settling in period. I took him out for regular toilet breaks..GO WEE's. Lots of praise etc and to my knowledge ive only seen him start to squat once on the carpet and for which he was taken immediately outside and fingers crossed that was two months ago. He still has his crate in the kitchen but Q rarely sleeps there now prefering his bed next to it and will happily sleep for a good 8 hours without voiding. But if he does need to go out he will call me.
Q is also coming up for six months and I find that he will poop as soon as we start a walk. I work shifts so my times are not aways consistant but we manage.
Does Ike live in the garage? Can you keep the door shut?

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No, he lives inside but when the weather is nice he spends a lot of the day outside.

You have a lot of dedication to have taken a week off to teach him his Wee's!  Sounds like it paid off.