puppy peeing issues

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I know I asked about this with my first post, and hopefully it is just that she is still young, but my 15 week old puppy still pees in her crate and when she sleeps.  If she is really soundly sleeping, she usually wakes up having peed.  When she first did this after we got her, we had a urinalysis done to check for UTI and she was fine, and she is still doing it, so should I just attribute this to her young bladder?  Or could this be an inconteninence issue that she will continue to have as she gets older?  I hesitate to call the vet, they will say, bring her in, do $200 worth of tests, more antibiotics, and I don't want to put her through that if it is just normal.  I have no problem bringing her to the vet if you think I should, but they tend to be the kind that wants to run up a huge bill even if it's nothing, and I don't really want to put Greta through the ordeal of going to the vet if I don't have to.  She pees when I take her outside, and she is no longer peeing on the floor at all, just mostly when she is sleeping, and sometimes she doesn't do it at all.  Just wondering if this was typical puppy  stuff or if it is a concern.  Just went out and bought some waterproof puppy bed covers and I wash her bed cover at least once a day. 

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Yeah, females stay leaky for a while. She's still VERY young and all that stuff is growing and shifting around. Some female stay leaky until their first heat. This is one of the reasons I encourage people to wait on altering at least until after a year of age.

We have a friend who had a really leaky female. She got her a dipper. She also taught the silly dog how to pee in a specimen cup...