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My 10 week old puppy won't quit peeing in the house. i have had him since he was 8 weeks old. He come out of his kennel and I take him right out and he goes pee outside. (and he goes twice all the time outside.... weird.) Then he comes in and within 30 min he pees in the house. He son't deficate in the house though. any thoughts anyone. Thanks ???

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Males rarely empty out in one go, so peeing twice or more is normal. Adult males might take 20-30 sprinkles before they're empty. Puppies usually throw most of the pee out the first time though.

He's still pretty young and doesn't have full control over such things. If you have him out of the crate, make sure you watch him. If you see him peeing in the house, you can give him a strong NO, then say cheerfully 'outside outside' and get him out there. Be sure to praise him when he pees outside too.

If you find he has peed in the house when you weren't looking, there's nothing productive you can do about that with a puppy. It's a matter of association. No 10-week-old anything can tie cause and effect with a time duration. In other words, correcting a puppy because of a puddle of pee will not prevent him in any way from peeing in the house. More likely, it will increase the problem depending on what random thing the puppy does associate with the correction.

Consistency and lots of outside trips in the beginning.  ;)

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Hate to break it to you Grim, you're going to be spending a lot of time outside for the next 4 weeks (at least). Keep in mind that his teeny little bladder at that age is about the size of a shot glass or smaller, so outside for potty every 1/2 hr 45 minutes is a normal thing. 

Good thoughts are: If he naps (even for 10 mins), potty as soon as he wakes up.  If he drinks, outside in another 20 mins or less (clock it, seriously. it worked for my girl).  If he plays hard, potty  as soon as he starts to slow down or wander away from the playing.  If he sort of heads in the direction of the door, outside to potty.  If he eats something, outside as soon as he's done or if he stops being interested in the food.  Madde was a riot, she'd have to empty out halfway though her meal so she could fill back up again. 
Catch my drift?  No such thing as too much "outside for potty" at that age.

Oh, and EVERY time he goes outside, tell him he's a good boy like he just found you a bag of unmarked $100 bills.  You've gotta be enthusiastic, they can tell the difference.  My neighbors think I'm a lunatic but I don't care :)

You've gotta watch him every second he's not in a crate at that age.  And not my husbands version of "noticing the puppy is still in the room somewhere" while watching TV or playing PS3 either  ;) .  Really watching exactly what he's doing.  It's the only way you'll learn his signals.

Look at it this way - at least he's not peeing in his crate like mine used too...
He'll be a good little boy before you know it.