puppy food for large breed (how long to give it)

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Laith is fed the Blue Buffalo Wilderness. We switched many times because of gas, still acted hungry, ingredients etc. This works amazing. It comes in a metallic blue bag -- one of the premium bags. It is about 50.00 a bag.

But it is a high protein mix and has a lower amount you give each meal. It is safe for puppies (our trainer and websites said). But the best is- it is for adult dogs too. We supplement it with vitamins, raw/cooked meat, veggies, etc. He is doing very well on it. It comes in Chicken, Duck and Salmon. :) 

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Over the years I have switched brands but mostly going back to Purina for our little dogs. (2) Shitzus  Lexie was almost blind in one eye and loosing vision in the other. For the past 10 years I have had to put drops in her eyes that the vet gave me b/c her tear ducts were not producing tears. She had dry eyes, and she also had very dry skin - it was bad. She has been to several vets for different opinions and I get the same answer.. Which was this breed is known for skin allergys, and she has bad eyes.


When Bella (puppy doberman) came into our home, I thought I would try Blue Buffalo because she was a puppy and the lady at petco recommended it. well both my other dogs started eating it, which shocked me because its dry solid hard food, they were spoiled with people food such as boiled chicken or soft dog food. Almost a month has gone by, and it has cured lexie. Both eyes have cleared up, she can see, her tear ducts are producing tears, her skin has cleared up. I am truely amazed. I only wish I would have tried this brand years ago. It is worth every penny. I have watched it change my dogs life - after 10 years of going to vets for solutions, buying medicine and constantly doing spa days to make her feel better. It was all a temporary relief for her. She is a different dog now b/c of Blue food. She can see, she actually has confidence about herself now, where as before she stayed in a corner or not very playful bc she couldnt see well or bc her skin bothered her. The only negative I can say about this food is the strong odor when they pass gas lol but I have never known a good smell asscoiated with passing gas :O) 

I can't believe what this dog food did for Lexie. I am so thankful everyday that she can see, she is not in pain - constantly scratching etc. For me it has been a miracle food. Before I did not really pay attention to  whats in the food i was giving to them. I just gave my dogs what I thought they liked. judging by there reaction. Well now they actually enjoy eating a brand that is truly healthy for them.  Blue food has not only changed my dogs life but it has also changed ours- no more nightime drops, no more scheduling weekly visits for spa days.  After seeing the dramatic change in Lexie I will only use Blue food now. It does cost more but it would have saved me alot of money in the long run if only I tried it a long time ago. I have only been using it for month, but after the miracle healing.. I will gladly say I am now a huge supporter of Blue Bufalo now,  I can't see myself ever changing dog foods again..