Problem with Blue Buffalo & Royal Canin

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I want to feed my Doberman a good food and I keep having trouble with the brands I am choosing so I was hoping for some advice on what works for others. I started her off on Blue Buffalo large breed puppy (great ingredients) but, after awhile she started having running stool. I read some reviews online and found a lot of people saying it was to rich for their dogs and they where having the same trouble. So I changed her to Royal Canin large breed puppy. It was going good but, now she started getting bumps on her back and I wonder if it’s not a reaction to the food. I was thinking of doing research on some new brands and would love to know what other Doberman onwers are feeding. 

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I spoke to my breeder about the bumps my boy was getting(he was eating Royal Canin also)and he suggested RC Skin and joint puppy.I think this may be canned though. At 15 months he can go on RC adult hypoallergenic.

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I had soft stool problems with both royal canin and blue buffalo (it seemed to be worst with the blue buffalo puppy chicken) which only started after her second puppy worming. 

I talk to the vet who rolled her eyes at the dogfood choice, and then gave me packets of fortiflora which has started firming the stool up.
My theory is the de-wormer killed off the "good" bugs along with the bad.

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I use Eagle Pack large breed puppy holistic....and it is great and my dog loves it