pictures of three kind of ear cropping style

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hi i read today there are three style of cropping ears of you have pictures of them?if yes please share with us!
1)The show crop
2)The working crop
3)The medium crop

If I ever have time to figure out how to post pictures I would love to do this. There are basically a few crops. crop-which comes long to medium 2. pet crops which come in all forms. They are ususally more characteristic by the bell at the base of the head being wider. From front profiles of pet crops they are very obvious. This is how 95% of vets crop. There are only  a few in the USA that actually do beautiful show crops.  Bluenemo just posted a picture of his puppy below that is a great example of a pet crop. They usually stand much faster then the medium to long show crops. By the way his ears are standing very well this is what you want to see when you take the tapes off and continue to see. If you see any drooping then back in the wraps they go. If you go to my webpage and look at Paris' page you will see a long show crop. Not only are they longer then the pet crop but when you look at the dog from a front profile you will see no bell on the ear. As a show dog you don't want the eye to be stopped when looking at the dogs head profile, You should see a blunt wedge shape as stated in our standard, starting from the muzzle to the back of skull, unbroken by a large ear bell. Again on my webpage if you look at Ellys page she has a petcrop. She is also a great example of not wrapping ears long enough. If you look at her photos the tips are always out it was because we stopped wrapping to soon.

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Elly still looks good at 9.5 with just a hint of gray in her muzzle. The difference in the bell between Elly and Paris is very subtle. I always thought the difference was in the length.

That is a old picture of Elly she is actually 11 now and doing GREAT! If you see the dogs in person you will notice the difference in the bell. It would be great to post the picture side by side and talk about the difference it is more obvious when you know what you are looking for. One thing for certain you can ruin a dog for the show ring by doing a short crop on them, when cropping for show you want a show cropper that specializes in the breed. The typical bell that is left on the pet crops would never fly in the show ring. The crop can basically ruin the look of a great head and some judges just cant seem to look past it. Actually I think it might be easier to show an uncropped dog then take a bad pet crop in the ring. Some people also go way over board when cropping and leave way to much length on which takes forever to stand and quite frankly some look like donkeys running around.

The original poster asked about working crops. You really don't see this to much anymore someone on here had what I consider a working crop. Very short ear I believe it might have been in a previous post by Rmarc? The ears were very short and probably were standing within 2 weeks.

Some vets that don't know how to crop will cut the same style ear for every dog they crop and don't know the difference. Nothing worse then a pit bull look on a doberman. It is a definite art to cropping!

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This is Rocky, 8 months old, and our Cocker Roxie. The vet told me that his crop was a working crop. But either kind of crop would be fine, he would still be a handsome fellow either way.

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Yes he is. Of course the original (what was called the German crop) is even shorter, more like what one member referred to as a "Pit Bull crop". I haven't seen one in a long time, of course one reason could be that the Germans no longer crop.

Of course with Roxie, you have discovered one of the other advantages of owning a clean short haired dog like Rocky, no real grooming required. I have a few Miniature Schnauzers (the youngest is now 11 years old) and I am in the middle of grooming them myself. I basically skin them as they like to run around in my back area which is fairly rough, and if I don't, its mat city. I do leave their beards and eyebrows though, for without them they're just terriers.

But my two Dobes are far easier to care for.

Rocky is very cute! This is not what I would consider a working crop either I agree with rgreen you just don't see them that much anymore. The ones you do see are either the IDIOTS that did themselves (yes there are inhumane STUPID people that do try) or vets that don't really know how to crop(those also exist)

I would consider Rocky's ears a NICE short pet crop. The thing that is nice about Rocky's crop (although I prefer the long show crop) is when you look at his head you don't see the big bell that so many bad croppers leave on. What you see is a clean line that doesn't distract from the dogs lovely head. I also love Rocky's dark rust markings!

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Actually, this picture is very good for another reason. In discussing whether to crop or not crop, and whether the standing ear is natural or the floppy ear is natural, the photo of Roxie and Rocky give us a clue.

Compare the starting point of Roxie's ears on her head, and how far down they are compared to the starting point of Rocky's ears and how much higher on the side of his head. I realize that both are alert, but even when asleep, there is no way Rocky can get the upper point of his ears as far down and forward as the starting point of Roxie's.

Both are good specimens of their breed, and I have always had a fondness for Cockers as we had one 50+ years ago when I was a kid.