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I have always been "owned" by Dobies ;D Here is our family now.

Ajax: Black/Rust born 12/30/05. Kids named him for the Greek Hero. In my 45 years he is absolutley the biggest and tallest Doberman I have ever seen. He is fully at least 30 inches or taller and he weighs right at 125 lbs with no fat. He is also the most gentle male doberman I have ever known and a big baby.

Serena: Black/Rust. Was rescued from the local Doberman Rescue 5 years ago when she was approximately 4 to 5 years old. She was severely abused and when we got her she would pace back and forth all night and would not let anyone touch her. When we fed her she would hide behind something, then dart out, take a quick bite then run back to her safe place. 5 years and lots of love later she is a bonafide Doberman couch shark and can usually be found napping on her favorite couch in the living room. She is very affectionate and her entire butt wiggles when she is happy.

Maggie: Black/Rust. Born 8-8-06. God is she smart!!! From the day we brought her home as a 8 week old puppy she has been nothing but fire and brimstone. The crazy girl is not afraid of anything and dominates not only the other two but the entire house as well. She was so easy to train it was ridiculous and she knows how to open doors, step on the peddle to open the trash can and is working on the door to the fridge. We believe she is plotting to over throw me as head of the house.... ;D

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Your Ajax sound like my Red, except for color. I didn't fully realize just how big he was until one day at the vet's while waiting for them to bring him out the side door (after a weekend's boarding). While waiting, the door opened, and it took a bit to recognize that it was not Red, but a dark tan Great Dane, about 18 months old. Shortly after that Red was brought out and they were standing side by side, shoulder to shoulder.

I have gotten Red's weight back down to 124 lbs after starting treatment for thyroid condition after his weight ballooned to 146. At that point he was very lethargic and even eating only three cups of kibble a day didn't affect his weight. Starting his medication brought his weight down, and to keep him from shedding it to fast he now gets 5 cups. He is now losing about a 1 lb every two weeks, and we may stop when he gets down to 120. He acts like he's three again, not six years old.

Although I dearly love Red, I'm not sure I would want an over sized Dobe again.