One Doberman obeys but other refuses to listen

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My puppies are 7 weeks old . The one that obeys(male) i had for 2 weeks and the other one(female)that does not obey i have had for 1 week. They are from the same litter. My question is , "how can i make the female doberman puppy to be obedient like the male?"

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They need more time. They are still really are just babies and only have the understanding of, say a toddler at most.Right now they need to learn that their in a safe environment. Just by caring for them, feeding, taking them out, etc. you will assume the Alpha role and they will start to obey you by instinct. Just letting them be puppies for a certain amount of time can be important too.

First off for everyone looking at this post, it is not good at all to take any puppy away from his litter until they are 8 weeks old. The buyer of these puppies most likely did not know this but a good breeder would never allow this to happen. Please read up on the dangers of taking puppies to early before considering doing this. Another thing that hasn't been addressed with this situation is this person has 2 littermates, this not the best combination. I would suggest you work with each puppy individually if you allow them to spend all there time together they will bond more to eachother then you. This is why it is not good to get 2 puppies at the same time. With the one possibly being more alpha you could have a more difficult time training and it would be suggested as soon as you can to find a good trainer to help you with this.