New Puppy 12 weeks old keeps crying in his crate !

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Hello, my husband and I just got a 12 week female doberman puppy and she keeps crying in her crate ! I know you are not suppose to respond to the cries but we are finding it hard.

What other methods can you use to teach the puppy to love his crate.?

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have you tried putting her crate in your bedroom at night?  We did that the first couple of nights with our little one so he can get used to the routine.  I've heard that people have varying opinions about this, but that's what we did.  Moreover, DONT use the crate for punishment.  The crate is suppose to represent their "den".  We found a great thick fleece blanket to line the bottom of ours and we also cover the top and sides with a thinner blanket to replicate a "cave". Being the dobe momma that I am, I also make sure Enki has a stuffed squeaky lamb, a squeaky chew toy, and a raw hide for the evening.

You're right -- you shouldn't respond to the crying.  If she's new to your home, I bet she's just lonely without her littermates, her other home, etc.  Enki did that for the first 3 or 4 days, but he slowly perked right up and warmed up to us very quickly.  Now he does an amazing job of getting into his crate at night and sleeps until the morning when I get up for work.

Congratulations on your little one.  You're going to love having a puppy in your home.