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I typed a message last night, don't know if it was received.  So here goes again.  My family and I just brought an 8 week old blue pup home.  His name is Axel.  He is now almost 13 weeks.  I know most don't like the blue for certain reasons, but we are crazy about him and he is very, very smart.  He was about 12lbs when we got him and he is now closing in on 25lbs.  He is a devil, don't misunderstand.  He tries to strong arm all of us into thinking he is the boss.  He is doing well with sitting before getting permission to do things like coming in and going out and before getting his food.  He does real well with our little peekapoo(although he can be rough with her.)  Our home is play center for all the neighborhood kids so needless to say he is getting very socialized.  They run in and out all day long.  He does get up and check things out when they enter the yard, but when he sees a little one he just goes and greets them or just lays back down.  He does like to nip and bite still, but I am staying on him about that.  One thing that's odd is, he doesn't seem to like to play ball or frisbee.  When you throw it, he just looks at you.  I'll throw it and run and show him what to do and he just wants to run beside me and chew on my leg.  I do this everyday with him and he does seem to be getting more interested.  All the information on the site has been so helpful to me in helping mold this little guy into a part of our family.  I constantly reference it to see if I am doing things correctly. 



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Hi Jason,

There's nothing inherently wrong with blue's - we like them just fine. It's the people breeding them we don't like. It's a dilute of black, and recessive, so to get them you need to focus your choice in breeding pairs on color. And, anytime you focus on something decides health and temperament, you're not focused on health and temperament.

Of course, this doesn't mean there will be anything wrong with Axel. Best to keep a good close eye on his health though.

I sounds like you have a great start though.