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Hello, I am new and wanted to introduce myself and "my gang".
Please don’t be upset, I am going to list all my Dobes on one post.  :-[

I'm Karen. I have 6 dobes (all rescues), 4 toy/mini poodles and 5 cats.  I am a Reg. Vet. Tech. and AKC CGC Evaluator.  If you come in my house un-invited the Dobes will greet you, may nock you over and beg to be petted.  The 8 and 14 lb poodles bite! :)

1) Farrah is a black and tan, docked and cropped, 5-6 year old spayed female.  I've had her for 2 years.  She is a CGC, therapy dog with TDI and my Service Dog.  She was found running as a stray, adopted and returned before she came to me.

2) Ranger is a red, natural/docked neutered male around 3 years old.  He is a CGC and therapy dog. He is a "typical red male"- a goofy clown.  He was a stray that we strongly suspect was abused.  When we first got him he would RUN from the room if you raised your hand to get something from the cupboard, got the broom to sweep the floor, etc. 

3) Molly is a blue, natural/docked spayed female roughly 3 ½ year old.  She came to me the week of Christmas 2006 after being thrown from a moving car (the shelter was full and couldn't take her in) along with a blue male.  ?Breeding pair??? She had a shattered acetabulum (the socket part of the pelvis) and needed surgery and extensive physical therapy.  BTW, she has von WILLEBRAND.  Buccal mucosal time before surgery was normal-almost bled out during surgery.  She also has hypothyroidism and CDA.  Moll smiles and cleans the other dogs’ ears!?!

4) Blitz is a natural/docked neutered male ALBINO approx. 3 years old.  He was turned in to a shelter.  I actually carry DPCA brochures explaining albino Dobes with me because “OOOHHH isn’t he gorgeous” is a common occurrence.  My response- “No it not a good thing and here’s why…” 

5) Brinks is a 4-5 year old natural (his ears stand), docked, fawn male.  He was adopted from the rescue as a puppy and returned at 3 because he was “clumsy”. Guess what?...He’s got Wobblers (L4-L5-L6) AND a cervical compression. (L5).  Surgery is not an option.  He is active and much stronger than when we got him.

6) Kiera is a 1 ½ year old fawn female (cropped/docked).  Her mother was turned in to a rescue pregnant after her elderly owner had entered a nursing home.  She came me at 10 weeks and passed her CGC at 22 weeks (5 ½ months).  Soon after she started alert me to oncoming medical problems, so we started training her to become my next service dog.  She is in need of some “polishing” but helps around the house everyday.

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Hello, and welcome to the forum. Thank you for all you have done to help our 4 legged friends. I have never owned a rescue but have taken in many wandering dogs to help find them homes.It really does feel good to help, even just a little bit, but at the same time makes me sick to see them in that position to begin with. Hope you like the forum as I do. There seems to be a lot of like minded people here and not a lot of the venom that I see on some other sites. 

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welcome aboard.....and thanks for the rescues....i have a sister and friend that all they get are rescues...its such a shame to see such good and wonderful dogs being put out.....but've got your hands full for sure

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You sure have your hands full.  My hat is off to you.  It sure would be nice to see some pix.

Bless them Dobes and you!