New to forum, but not to dobes.....

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Hi! I am new to this forum but not so new to Dobermans. I have had several in the past and got a beautiful male a few years ago with high hopes! I did show him at 9 mos. and he took best of breed, best working dog and 4th overall in the puppy class, then I got injured at work! I was not able to work with him as he deserved so I placed him with some friends who had wanted his stud services. Well, on Jan. 8th he fathered 10 beautiful pups and I now have a sone of his that is just like his daddy! I am wondering if anyone can recommend a  vet, experienced in ear cropping? I was not happy with the one who did Shikoda originally, so need someone better. I am in Mid Michigan but will consider traveling for the right vet. I also need a name for him. I love the name of his Dad and almost want to make him a Jr, but have decided to give him his own identity. How do you post pix?

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I cannot answer as to the vet, but the pictures -

First, you need a third party photo hosting service, I use Photobucket. When you open your account and upload the pictures that is the first step. Then when you put your cursor on the photo you get a pull down menu with various code options. It looks like this:

The row you want is the fourth one that starts with IMG in brackets. A single click on the code will color it, and the right click and in the pull down menu, click on copy. Then place your cursor in the text editing box on a new line, and right click and in that pull down click on paste. The line of code will show up, and when you preview the post the image will show up.