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I have a 13 week old female doberman, her name is Greta, we adopted her two weeks ago. We adopted her from a rescue that took 5 doberman puppies that were from a puppy mill that was overrun with more pups than they could take care of, so rescue got involved, not sure of the whole story, that's pretty much all I know. I am sort of nervous, knowing she is not from a reliable breeder, and know nothing about her parents, health, temperament, etc., but she was a rescue, so I went in knowing that it was a gamble. She was a little scared at first, but came out of her shell after a day or two and seems to be very sweet, and so smart it amazes me. My husband is familiar with the breed, having owned a dobie before, I am learning. We have two kids, 14 and 9, and I want to make sure I do everything I can to raise a nice, safe, obedient doberman. She is in puppy classes right now, and we plan on getting obedience training when she is older.  We look forward to sharing more about Greta here soon.

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It's wonderful you've decided to take in a rescue Doberman. You are right, it is a gamble with regard to health and behavioral problems. However, often rescue dogs are the best in the world!

You're on the right track taking puppy classes. And don't wait for obedience! You can start right now - that's basically what puppy classes are. I'd start learning about different training methods as well.

One important things to keep in mind is to establish yourself and everyone in strong alpha roles. This will make the puppy feel most secure and shake off any trauma. The alpha role isn't a mean one - it's just a role that take all the scary responsibilities from the puppy. The more dominate and strict you are with her the happier she'll be. Don't baby her or let her get away with being bad. That would be unfair to her - she needs to learn how to be a great Doberman.