New Crate Needed for a large male pup during the day- NEED ADVICE!

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We need one as our 8 month old stays in his crate while we are gone during the day.  We currently have an XL plastic Petmate (I think).  It measures 34" L x 20" W x 28" H and he is really too big for it.

Anyone have something larger they use for the same purpose?  He is potty trained and I would like him to be able to stretch out more during the day.  I'm assuming my option now is one of the larger metal rectangular boxes?

Last but not least, would you mind proving a link to where you bought yours?

Many thanks!!!

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Four Wills - I prefer the wire crate and my Dobes seem to as well, as they can then see everything that is going on. I got mine from Care-A-Lot off the internet although they also have a catalog. Here is the link to the ones I have.

The DD on some is for the Double Door model which not only has a door in one end, but on on the right side as you face the end door. A full grown Doberman will need at least the 1542 (42" long) model. My red male (Red) who is oversized has a 1548DD while my one year old female (Princess) has a 1542DD. I am currently using the end door on hers in the house, but the side door when it's in the van.

They also have good prices on pad and such.